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Redtooth Poker League


7.30pm - Registration
8.00pm - Games Commence

Enjoy a game of cards?

Then why not join the Redtooth Poker League at the Old Joint Stock every Monday in a friendly atmosphere where gambling for poker chips is all you need. Small money stakes gambling optional.

Enter the Regional and National Finals with a £53000 National prize.

Redtooth Poker continues to go from strength to strength and we have recently completed our first full year culminating in our national final at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham.

Following meetings with the Gambling Commission, we are delighted to announce a new and improved prize structure for the current season. A prize pool of £53,050 will be shared by 393 Redtooth Poker league players during a twelve month period at regional and national finals with a top prize of £2,500 at the national final to be held on Sunday 29th March 2009 at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham

Q: Is it Legal?
A: Yes. Redtooth Poker have referred to advice published by the Gambling Commission and have strictly adhered to that advice. Unlike other pub poker leagues the Redtooth Poker league is played only for points, and these points are not exchanged for prizes or money's worth prizes. This means that the Redtooth Poker league doesn't actually fall under the Gambling Commissions remit and isn't 'gaming' in the legal sense. Redtooth provide a full document explaining the options under the new legislation that came into effect on Sep 1st that allow small stake gambling between the players.

Q: How does the league work?
A: Each pub has it's own league and these run for 13 week seasons. Each pub will have it's own winner at the end of that season. After each season we will run a regional final for the area where someone will be crowned winner.

Once per year (after 4 seasons) we will hold the national finals, this will be a very prestigious event at a central location with high end equipment, professional dealers and poker celebrities in attendance as well as large screens and full production similar to some of the televised events you will have seen. The winner of this tournament will become the Redtooth Poker League National Champion.

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